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Mara L. Ortiz By Ortiz-Novels Completed

Ever since Valery can remember, karma has been there every step of her life. In School she takes the form of Valery's bully, Jared Tate. Who single handedly has seen to it that every day is hell for her. At work, she makes certain to piss off almost every customer, leaving Valery with lousy tips. When she goes home karma takes form in her mother, who not only refuses to make an honest living but also sees Valery as a mistake. It's hard to hope for a brighter day when the clouds refused to let the sunshine through.

bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jul 02, 2016
Highkey wish I had a babysister. I would let her borrow all my stuff, show her the ropes, play dolls with her, teach her which boys are cool and which are not (sometimes the hotties can blind their true selves; girls need a class for this tbh)...
Batmans_girlfriend01 Batmans_girlfriend01 Nov 29, 2016
Oh my god I'm 5th grade our class was split in between that and where the red fern grows. I don't know about hatchet. But red fern was god awful.
Ok yeah I remember this book, I read it even though I didn't really find it that interesting. Just wanted to know if the boy ever got back home in the end.
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jul 02, 2016
Honestly she makin that dough tho so I'd be like "hell yeah and she's the best damn stripper in this town why you think I be looking fly all day everyday? Lmao heres the club she works at, make it rain on her àss yasssssss thats a new pair of jimmy chus!"
nikkiheartbook nikkiheartbook Dec 31, 2015
In 6th grade the whole class had to read it, but my teacher knew i was a book lover and asked me if i read it. I thought i had so he let me read whatever i wanted while the class had to read it together.  I heard it was really boring  LOL
mrsfrostymcfluffin mrsfrostymcfluffin Dec 07, 2015
Strippers get paid a lot more than we think. And who cares if her moms a stripper? It's none of their business anyway...