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Turned Rouge

Turned Rouge

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Brianna* By bri72182bri Completed

Sarah Aspen was 18 when her tribe, the Amara Tribe, was attacked by Werewolves. Her tribe was right outside of Austin, Texas... Right where the West Mountain pack was located. Little did they know, the attack had been planned for years. 

Sarah is a Shifter, a leopard, and is Alpha strong. All of the shifters were. The two packs of Werewolves had come together and wiped out all of their kind, they hated Shifters with a passion. All but Sarah, who happened to slip away. 

After a few days of hiding in the wilderness, she headed for the city where she could find family members. She had no idea just how far the Wolves had gone. They took over cities, turned the strongest of the humans, and wiped out the weak human race. 

The cities are no longer used, they were just left for grass to engulf the worthless buildings. She makes the choice to hide. To turn Rouge. She runs, fights, and stays alive. 

Until one day she decides to return to the city, one of the most unsafe places there are. When she runs into a pair of Wolves, everything changes.

(This story has been edited.)

broccoli_is_good broccoli_is_good Oct 30, 2016
TEXAS OUR TEXAS ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS SO WONDERFUL SO GREAT!!! WHOOOO gotta love Texas public education system thx for making us sing the Texas anthom every Friday 😂
MunckykinZ MunckykinZ May 05, 2016
I would change the word 'old' to worn, because you use old in the phrase in the next sentence.
                              Just giving constructive criticism. Let me know if you want me to not do that.
Sabby-Kun Sabby-Kun Sep 04, 2016
Emma Watson is really pretty <3 She was a great actor in Harry Potter too.
mimiwolfpup mimiwolfpup Mar 23, 2016
Hi, just to say it's spelt rogue, rather than rouge which is french for red (I'm not being pedantic, just pointing it out) :)