Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

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Boku.Rui By _kawaii_kat_ Updated Apr 03

All in the title ladies.. Mainly ladies..!~ 

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i imagine me looking like the zelda costume they used in smosh's zelda rap. im going to have a midna costume, a zelda costume, and a link costume
*exactly what zelda would respond to link saying tht* 'really?.... '
minx_Elric minx_Elric a day ago
Hell yeah! I cosplay all the time!!! My favorite One I have done was a female dark link ❤ I looked badass in it X3
Well if I look like Zelda then Ben has to fall for me since me pretty princess. I no speak English well
He was just wanting a photo and ship
                              And reader chan calls him an idiot?
                              Bitch please, say that once more and imma cut you to pieces
Midnight642 Midnight642 Jul 27, 2015
I wanna be link not zelda!!!! Link is my spirit animal!!! My life alvolves around him