Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

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Female Hispanic kirito and link....ironic....Im just reading this cuz I was bored 😐
Blend S lol and as the Idol, of course! (Even tho it's just about to come out but meh)
Imma cosplay as!!!!!! Me biz with Kirito's outfit just cuz I got curly hair and I don't think I can put on a wig....hispanic girl kirito!!! Yusss
I can't see anything but 2 cards I guess I'm cosplaying as 2 cars
Notices other people of all thing I ever famed over* MY PEOPLE
*turns around* STALKER
                              Ben: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ABORT MISSION! She saw me! ABORT MISSION!!
                              *Eyeless jack, Ticci Toby, hoodie, masky and Jeff the killer all rush from different parts of the room*