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Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

Perverted love~ BEN drowned x reader

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Boku.Rui By _kawaii_kat_ Updated Apr 03, 2016

All in the title ladies.. Mainly ladies..!~ 

   Please injoy!~ 
     Don't forget to comment ideas and vote~
 I injoy reading your comments :)

                    I do not own creepypasta, anime or you. But.. Ben does (⌒▽ ̄)

Can I be slyveon I'll kidnap my friends and Mach them be the other eeveelotions
My cosplay is gonna be....*drum role* My OC from Fairy Tail (An Ice-dragon slyer neko. Hellz ye!)
The only time my room is clean is when I'm angry I clean when I'm angry so my room is pretty clean.....
I love to cosplay but my mom say it cost to much so I make all my costumes/outfits
minx_Elric minx_Elric Dec 08, 2016
Hell yeah! I cosplay all the time!!! My favorite One I have done was a female dark link ❤ I looked badass in it X3
PixlatedShipper PixlatedShipper Dec 09, 2016
yep theres clothes everywhere blankets pillows trash but my books and video games are neatly put away