The Benson Twins (Book 4 of SBTE)

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Cover done by ChangingMie
    Life carried on after the night of the wild storm. Cole and AJ grew up and are now in the final year of high school. The twins had yet to find their mates and AJ is starting to get worried that he never will.
    A strange looking rouge appears out of nowhere and pack members are suddenly being murdered. Does this new rouge have anything to do with the sudden deaths, or is there another threat in town that the pack doesn’t know about?
Whoa! They're both players....... Wonder if Aaron and Chloe knows
so i want to read the first three but i only found the first and last story can you help me find  book two and three
hi was ment commemt on this one nt the 2nd book. but yeah i cnt find the first book at all of this series. bt i have read 2,3 n all of 4 so far and ur an amazing writter x
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