Hotel Alpha-In z.h

Hotel Alpha-In z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Completed

[ziall ; completed]

Zayn Malik is taking time off work to visit Tokyo. He checks into a love hotel, completely aware of what he's doing.

On vacation, he wanted a bit of fun. So, he chose room 505, the mirror style.

The first thing he does is light a cigarette, the second thing he does is use his phone to find the website for My Yes Man, a forgein male escort site.

He decides on a blonde white lad he thinks is attractive called Niall, finding that he's a platinum escort that charges a lot more than most of the other company escorts.

And as soon as the blonde arrives, he isn't let down.

Zayn's staying for two weeks, and he continues to hire the blonde boy, hiring him overnight and for full days.

But when Zayn has to leave... He finds himself wishing he could take Niall back to Britain with him.

And that's when he discovers why Niall is part of prostitution.

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Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Sep 26, 2016
Ur the first person I've known whist a girl and writes fanfics... Whelp, there's a first 4 everything
Cobalt_Jay Cobalt_Jay Aug 12, 2016
I wouldn't be touching those, I'm pretty sure the hotel doesn't clean everything after each use 😷
boydirectioner35 boydirectioner35 Jun 21, 2016
I think niall has been getting some liam up that ass 🐸☕
iWumbo4ever iWumbo4ever Jun 21, 2016
Stick a broom inside him there's always plenty to take. 
                              And if he still wants more... 
                              Then dayum
lonelygalaxies lonelygalaxies Jun 11, 2016
wait the watersports one are they peeing in each others mouths
tobers44 tobers44 Aug 04, 2016
I feel like everyone on this website is at least kind of gay