Teardrops On the Windowpane

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Selena By thelovelylilies Updated 3 years ago
A young girl deals with the death of a close relative, and explains everything leading up to her death in a detailed, and sorrowful suicide note. All she can think about is his death; nothing more. Not even when the cutest boy in school finally notices her. Not even when she has what most people want in the world. This is a powerful story of love, fury, confusion, and sorrow so overpowering it will leave you drained, as if this were you, and not Scarlett Rohan. This is one story that you won't want to miss out on.
I'm reading this listening to scava <3 its perfect (:
                                    "wherrree doo weee gooo wwee gooo ohh loord i dont knoww" ahah:)
The second paragraph is so true,
                                    I love this
                                    It's awesome
                                    I just finished reading this
                                    And I saw the last line
                                    It's amazing
                                    I love it