squad {l.s}

squad {l.s}

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emily By fringelou Updated Apr 14, 2017

"i've seen him looking at your butt last game." mary said to louis who was clearly blushing.

"probably not." louis sighed, shaking his head. 

'i heard that he likes pretty boys?'


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alright so basically i thought of this cute idea and so i'm going to write it?? lower case is intended by the way so yeah. i hope you guys enjoy this :)

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FloralxXandXxFading FloralxXandXxFading Nov 24, 2017
Some people act so entitled and like they are supposed to have a say in other people's lives when in reality it's non of their business
Ok, guys, I have the bat with spikes for someone *covers her in gasoline and lights bat on fire* who wants to take a swing??
Well, your a cheerleader and he’s a soccer player, IT ALL WORKS OUT IN THE END
not_warriors not_warriors Aug 21, 2017
Lmfao as a marching band member, we take three school buses while the football players take two. 😂
Robotkitties Robotkitties Sep 26, 2017
InfluentialWaiting3 InfluentialWaiting3 Dec 18, 2017
Why y'all getting mad at the child, he literally just asked a question