periodic idiots // n.s

periodic idiots // n.s

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❝baeless kia❞ By codestyles Updated Jul 31

"maybe i love you more than my mom you stupid idiot"

or which, there's nothing more lovelier than a bisexual youtuber and his fake blonde best friend


Hlessed_ Hlessed_ a day ago
when harry said "when life gives you lemons, kick the lemon away!" in one of their otra shows
bladders-of-flowers bladders-of-flowers Jul 30, 2016
I thought it should be "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
toxicated- toxicated- Sep 30, 2016
When Narry says they're not a thing yet keep on doing couple stuff
MyNarryship MyNarryship Jul 18, 2016
Me all the time with my friends since they never tell me anything🙃😒
Its_larry_bish Its_larry_bish Sep 19, 2016
Okay so usually I read Larry and I'm reading this and this is kinda fûcking with my brain rn cuz ha. 
                              Ya know
Jabriastyles Jabriastyles Mar 29, 2016
I say squeeze them in your eyes but other people's eyes work too