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Sherlock Preferences (On Hold)

Sherlock Preferences (On Hold)

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Desiree Bannister By Bann_2016 Completed

Jim: At the shop.
You were trying to reach a bag of chips that you had been craving. But since you are so short, you can't reach them. You were about to give up and leave when he catches you off guard.
"Looking for these my dear?" He asked grabbing the bag and inspecting it.
"Heheh yeah..." You blush slightly embarrassed that some one had seen your struggles. 
He teases you about being short. 
And then hands you the bag. 
"You need someone like me in your world, I'll be your arms if you ever need.." He looks back at the bag "..some Potato chips" 
You smile and thank him.
He then proceeds to help you the rest of the day at the shop.

John: See's you struggling to get your stuff from your car up to your flat. 
"Care for some help there love?" He kindly asked taking a heavy bag from your grasp.
"Um Sure...?" You say uncertain on this stranger.
"I'm John, I live over there on Baker Street, where's your flat I'll help you" he smiled.
You smiled and handed him another bag. 
"I love right ove...

AntisSister AntisSister Apr 20
They have chips in bags...? I'm so confused do you mean crisps?
FantasiesAReality FantasiesAReality Jul 26, 2016
I'll be your arms of you ever need some....potato chips 😏
HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Sep 18, 2016
ʍʏ ɦaɨʀ ɨs sʊքɛʀ ʄʊċҡɨռɢ ċʊʀʟʏ (ʟɨҡɛ ɨ sօʍɛtɨʍɛs ɢɛt tօʟɖ "ʏօʊʀ ċʊʀʟs aʀɛ sօ քʀɛttʏ!  tɦɛʏ ʟօօҡ ʟɨҡɛ a ɖօʟʟs) aռɖ ʍʏ ɦaɨʀ ɨs aʟsօ a ɖaʀҡ ɮʀօառ ċօʟօʀ
jesusandmemes jesusandmemes Mar 13, 2016
Having curly hair is so amazing,because you never have to brush it because it makes no difference :D
Otaku4days Otaku4days Nov 02, 2016
BroadwayFan BroadwayFan Feb 01, 2016
My hair's curly. If a guy told me it was nice, I'd freak out