Confused Love

Confused Love

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Lucy suffers from a terrible nightmare that haunts her during the day. Natsu notices her start to act weird and tries to help. 

When Lucy, Natsu and Happy goes on a mission, Lucy begins to heard voices in her head telling her many things.

Who is talking to her? And what mysterious power does she get that claims her love?

Oh no. If this is a NALU fanfic and Mirajane is here... 😒here we go again with "mission OTP" 😪😓😒typical Mirajane
^-^ I love this. It's really good. But, just one thing.. *you're ;D
lovleybunny123 lovleybunny123 2 days ago
Listen to your heart 
                              When he's calling for you 
                              Listen to your heart 
                              There's nothing else you can do
Natsu raising his voice just caused a tears shes through my eyes
I hate how ppl thinks Lucy's weak if you look at the others back story they had to use their magic to survive at a young age Lucy didnt so In the series from the start shes powerful and she's getting more powerful in future episodes
Yah what will be his reaction now?
                              Be dense
                              Yup I know 
                              Astonished and surprised soo Natsu with wide eyes