Crossing the Lines (Raph X Reader- TMNT 2012 fanfiction)

Crossing the Lines (Raph X Reader- TMNT 2012 fanfiction)

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I wanna rename myself into "Beezie" ;u; By pure_umbreon Updated Mar 04, 2015

you are a girl who has morphed into the world of TMNT, you had everything! a back story life, a mother who cared for you, and amazing ninjitsu skills so on with musketeer skills. but...your life way sad, you lost your mother, your father had gone crazy, you were turned into a mutant when you were still 3 and you have no friends for over 15 years that you almost forgot your life in the real world, but that all changed when you met the turtles.
you were able to make friends with them.
you were able to fight with them.
you were able to make a family with them.

Raphael/Raph grew a liking to you but continues to hid it.

find out whether he will spill it out or lock it up. "find that out on yourself Y/n"-pure_Umbreon ;3

  • april
  • donnie
  • family
  • leo
  • love
  • mikey
  • raph
i would be a wolf- oh never mind, mine r the same as XxBloodyFunxX's
Right is red and left is black.. It's always half, IT left a crack
                              A crack that never disappeared, should never trust a idiotic man
I would be a banshee, crazy badass supernatural creature that have a weird scream but is powerful
Tmnt_lover1 Tmnt_lover1 Mar 30
I'm not even gonna lie, I rapped this in front of my class because it started playing 😂😂
LexiChan4 LexiChan4 Feb 09
I love cats that's what I wanted and it and if it wasn't on there I would have through my phone HAHA LMAO 😂
Darish gold with small pupils its kinda creepy at first but everyone and i quote said "you gonna be a man catcher" from old weman  
                              "Dayum sezy" from boys
                              "Your so pretty" from freiends
                              "Your a very pretty young lady" from total strangers 😂