I Believe (Sequel to 'Believe in Me')

I Believe (Sequel to 'Believe in Me')

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The Invisible Girl By Medusa_Cascade Completed

It has been centuries since the Pevensies left Narnia to return to their world. Centuries since Lilith was left behind by Peter and things in Narnia have changed. She has changed. A new evil is stirring and war is approaching. The Narnians are preparing to attack and take back their lands with Prince Caspian the Tenth at their head. While Lilith still loves Peter, it has been many years of solitude and things are not perfect, she is not quick to forgive. 
To add to their troubles, the faeries are on the move, readying to take Lilith back to pay for her desertion all those centuries ago.  Things are going horribly wrong and it is getting harder and harder to keep believing. Harder to tell herself that she believes. 


The wonderful cover is courtesy of httpgrxnge. Thanks you :)

  • aslan
  • betrayal
  • caspian
  • dark
  • faeries
  • love
  • magic
  • narnia
  • peter
  • pevensie
  • telmarine
  • war
  • wings
  • witch

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