Stay Away From Me (BoyxBoy)

Stay Away From Me (BoyxBoy)

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Alex Slade Smith By Your_Gladiator Completed

Drake is a huge homophobe which is a problem since the entire schools football team is gay. The team doesn't  mind Drakes insults but Leonidas, Blake, and Nick think that Drake is secretly gay just doesn't want to admit it. So Drake and the trio make a bet to see if the trio could prove if Drake was gay or not. Drake thinks this is a win win situation for him since if he wins the football team will leave him alone. But once the bet starts the trio start to fall in love with Drake.

As for Drake he learns to accept himself but who will he choose out of the three to love?

WARNING: I wrote most of these stories back when I was around 15 and I'm 19 now and never edited them so they might be pretty shitty

Im still having a hard time grasping the entire football team being gay...
When you know your about to witness a homophobe he their ass handed to them.😏😏
itSsine itSsine a day ago
Me too and I am from Africa ! I don't even hear that accent often !!!
I was definitely in the stoner group at high school but I don't do anything anymore
I'd be a low-key anime freak, but I guess since there isn't a "tight knit gay popular crowd" then I'd be a swaggster
KayKay1225 KayKay1225 Sep 25
Honey, do you wish to get slapped all the way from ye haw state?