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Project 01 (A Hunter X Hunter fanfic)

Project 01 (A Hunter X Hunter fanfic)

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DALTON By KatoUchiha Updated May 27, 2016

When a secret group of nen users known by the name Templars abduct children and inject them with a nen booster trying to recreate the Kurta clans scarlet eyes. One of the four children who didnt die by experimentation arent sturdy and dont know there powers limit, and the child go's rogue  
and broke out from the control of the Templars nen. The young child named Taka is a female with keen eyes that like the Kurta turn scarlet when angered. Taka becomes known for her eyes speed and ability to make her finger nails as sharp as a hawks talons which is why they named her Taka meaning hawk. Taka is also a master at conjuring and manipulating wires. she can tie the wires into any weapon of her choosing

Chiko_Smith Chiko_Smith Apr 07 this an OC...or is it a character who just want important in the anime.... *confused af*
may_sensei may_sensei May 10, 2015
Wait what!?!? Kurapika said that a kurtas eyes are normally brown, but shes an experiement so it doesnt really matter
KatoUchiha KatoUchiha Mar 17, 2015
@Puppy_Princess_  thanks. I tried to make the idea as original as possible
Cycle2-X Cycle2-X Feb 17, 2015
@KatoUchiha dont worry about it!!! I dont mind WHEN you update, just make sure TO update it...its ok if it takes a while ^_^
KatoUchiha KatoUchiha Feb 16, 2015
@Cycle2-X  so I guess I was wrong. sorry ive just been busier than I thought