Fire & Gold » Lahey

Fire & Gold » Lahey

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"There is something different about you and I..."

This is the story of Eden Flores, the newly added huntress of Scott McCall's pack and Isaac Lahey, the beta who can't stay away from female hunters.

standalone fic set in the same universe Eden Flores exists.

takes place in the break between season 4 and season 5.

WARNING: May contain adult language, adult situations and possible violence.

Isaac Isaac Isaac I love him omg I need him to be in the last 10 episodes Jackson Derek and Ethan are back he's gotta come back too
kinleypaige kinleypaige Dec 26, 2015
Lord Jesus I have been hit with the feels!.........AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT
-koImikaelson -koImikaelson Jul 23, 2015
I literally just saw your story and I was like "save library, save library, save library" lmao
aestilinski aestilinski Jul 08, 2015
R I G H T ? It's my favorite gif help me jesus @_Purple_Sweater_