Reject me, and you'll regret it

Reject me, and you'll regret it

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated Nov 19, 2015

Amber Phelps. You might know her as the omega of the Blood Lust pack, or simply the girl you let's you cry on her shoulder. Amber was ditched as a child for being a runt. But she is anything but, she is more powerful then she will ever know. But back to the point, someone rejects her and she will make him pay.

'Mate' my wolf Ashlynn screamed happily in my head, "mate" I whispered looking up. Ashton Silver stood there love and lust in his eyes then it was placed with disgust and horror. "I don't want some weak nobody as my mate, she needs to be strong and hot, like Brittany" he grabbed his girlfriend by the waist and kissed her. Brittany is the schools Queen Bee and head cheerleader.

"I Ashton Silver reject you Amber Phelps as my mate and Luna of the Blood Lust Pack" 

Something inside me snapped "I Amber Roxanne Phelps accept the rejection of Ashton Silver as his mate and. Luna of the Blood Lust Pack" I seethed. 

That was the last day I saw any of them.

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Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Dec 19, 2016
I freaking love her hair! I wanna do mine like that but I don't know if I'll look pretty
kj12727 kj12727 Nov 25, 2015
She sounded kinda tough in the beginning with the alarm clock thing but it died down a little when she saw her sister and alpha, it makes sense I guess, considering the fact that they're her abusers and everything but I gotta ask. Is she an independent person that can take care of herself?
spoken-killer spoken-killer Jan 23, 2015
1.Ashton and Brittany can die in a hole 2.Ambers eyes are beautiful!! 3.BRITTANY DESERVES TO DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE
                              okay I'm done now