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Neko Mine? (boyxboy)

Neko Mine? (boyxboy)

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Kill Joy By Ana_the_bookworm Updated Feb 28

Ciel is part of the "Silver Claws" litter and is more or less the runt. Skinny, fragile, and weak, little Ciel always gets picked on whether it's at school or his own home. The worst part? Well, everything is equally horrible, but for now I'll only name three reasons. For one, he's all alone in his miserable world, two, he is the only runt for litters around, and three, he was born into a warrior litter. On his sixteenth birthday, Ciel is sent to the Werewolf Castle as a peace offering. Can things get any worse? Maybe, but I'm not telling just yet.

This is NOT a Black Butler fan fiction. If you want to pretend it is by substituting names, then be my guest. As for the homophobic or people who just aren't interested, the door is that way. Please be sure to close the door on your way out, but do not to slam it. I TOLD YOU NOT TO SLAM IT!!

Roobear101 Roobear101 Sep 07, 2016
When I saw the name Larissa I was like omg that's my name! Then I realized that the character was a total bitch...
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 21, 2016
*gasp* where is Grell my baby and Sebastian darling? Don't for get Alois my fabulous gay bïtch/idol and Claude-y-poo!
LASHTON_darniseFL LASHTON_darniseFL Jul 27, 2016
*picks up gold car* 
                              "Hm....yeah uhh-Larissa?" 
                              "That's me." 
                              "Okay good." 
                              *pulls out katanas*
CryAtTheCornerstone CryAtTheCornerstone Dec 11, 2016
Bullying in stories/movies aren't even realistic or logically XD.
Chaotic_Minds Chaotic_Minds Jan 28, 2016
Wow! This is unedited?? I applaud your grammar and writing skills! Normally, when people post unedited things, it's really horrible. I'm really shocked but pleased at the moment. Also, your story is very interesting. I'll stick here and join Ciel for the ride~! :3
bbyblublck bbyblublck Mar 12, 2016
I'm sorry, but I have a question. In Ciel's "litter", I guess, is everyone a neko as well? And if so, is he mistreated just bc he's the weakest?