my  secret life

my secret life

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bookahlove By bookahlove Updated Aug 25, 2016

  I really don't want to go home im in no mood to deal with John and Taylor oh you must be wondering who they are well they are my mom and dad but they dont deserve the title of mom and dad ever since I turned 10 they have been beating me for the smallest things or calling me names I havent been back for almost a week maybe two.


  "Come back here you whore" John said in a calm menacing voice Taylor laughing as I was running away from him he just hit me because i dropped a glass plate on the floor when it came out of the micorwave it was just so hot its not fair I didnt do it on purpose, I now have a red hand print on my face with hot tears streeming down my face "NO PLEASE I DIDNT MEAN TO DROP IT, IT WAS JUST SOO HOT IM SORRY PLEASE" I yelled looking back and that was the wrong thing to do because I triped on the carpet in the hall towards my room I didn't see the shard of plate he had in his hand and he slashed it acrossed my back and I could tell it was deep because of ho...

Cbri_0707 Cbri_0707 Aug 04, 2016
There was like a sentence wish a bunch of misspelled words😂😂 here are some...
k3z1ah k3z1ah Dec 26, 2016
Its neighbour, just helpingout not trying to be an annoying swat 😊
MichelleRankin MichelleRankin Dec 30, 2016
145 pounds?!?!?!?!  At 14?!?!?!?!?? I'm 14 and only weigh 114 pounds!!!!!!!!!  And I'm 5'7" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChangeTHEbeat ChangeTHEbeat Nov 19, 2016
Dylan reminds me of me when I'm on a sugar rush except it mine was because of ice cream 😂
Beveria_r Beveria_r Oct 20, 2015
Do you know what a period is? You put it at the end of a sentence, because some people have to breathe!