Elemental Kingdoms (Completed)

Elemental Kingdoms (Completed)

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🌸👸Miss Ai✍🌺 By RinkakuMayo Completed

In order to maintain the balance of this world, there's a rule to be followed.

Don't fall in love with someone who belongs to other Elemental Kingdom. If you do, you'll die.

This is a story that will make you think if in what Elemental Kingdom do you belong, will make you wonder if there are already elemental people that you have met, and it will teach us something different when it comes to power, fate, courage, and LOVE.

Ps. The Introduction of the story has been written fully in English but starting at chapter one, it will be in TagLish. ツ

ⓒ to @AyamiLu for the EK's Book Cover. ♡

Date started: January 25, 2015 ♡
Date ended: June 21, 2015 ♡
Highest rank achieved: #2 in Fantasy ❤

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dakulaya dakulaya Jun 19
havey ka aria! bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏
exoCHENwife exoCHENwife Jun 19
Finally... Nakahanap din ng fantasy-romance na story....
                              t.y author....
Reydo_cebe Reydo_cebe May 17
fire?? ano yun? Magkapangalan sila ng tatay niya????   Fuego in English is  fire and fire in spanish is Fuego
Messlei Messlei Sep 16
Dota? Apir! Try mo na rin yung CABAL, CROSSFIRE at League of Legends para ang saya-saya beh. Wiee! 🎉🎉
Messlei Messlei Sep 16
Epekto na ba ng dota ang pagiging makakalimutin?😮
                              Ay girl, may steffi na si Matteo Doo. Back out ka na lang daw.