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Love, War, and Sparklings {Transformers Story}

Love, War, and Sparklings {Transformers Story}

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DemonsDaughter By DemonsDaughter Updated Jan 26, 2013

{Rewrite of Transformers Little Ones}

Arachnid and Soundwave have teamed up against the Decepticons, tainting their energon in hopes to finish them once and for all. But when the energon turns the last of the faction into sparklings, they are swiftly taken in by the Autobots. It would seem they are safe, but the taint has done more damage than anyone can detect.

SlaggitStarscream SlaggitStarscream Jul 25, 2016
Bloody-starlight Bloody-starlight Oct 31, 2014
what about the rest of the decepticon are they not important prime.
AutobotMoonstar AutobotMoonstar Dec 17, 2013
Oh my fraggin gosh this is so scrappin hilarious.  I hope there'll be an update soon. By the allspark I hope there is.
DemonsDaughter DemonsDaughter Dec 06, 2012
@Nightshard lol he might surprise you later! ;) there is always hope for Soundwave! XD
DemonsDaughter DemonsDaughter Nov 19, 2012
@Lightwing_Prime_09 sadly, no, I didn't. I thought he was purely darling, too! :3 He will have more interesting interactions soon, but right now he is too young lol
Lightwing_Prime_09 Lightwing_Prime_09 Nov 19, 2012
Dude, you really need to slow down with all this updating! I can hardly keep up! Anyways, this was sooo much better than the original version. But did you draw the cover yourself? 'Cuz Knockout was the cutest one!