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C.M.O. By arsonists_lullabye Updated Nov 14

Amethyst Moon's life is what you call trouble in paradise, sweet and caring but fearful outcast, and with an abusive dad, isn't really a life set of perfection.

      Amethyst and her dad move around everywhere so no one get suspicious of what happens in her home of torturous nights.    
 What happens when Amethysts dad moves them into a town named 'Red Moon' Known as the 'Red Silver Moon Pack'.

    Alpha Storm Peters a arrogant, sexy, sweet jock in the 'Popular Group' runs into the sweet and caring social outcast in school and turns out to be his MATE !Wow! Right.
      All Amethyst wants is to be alone, trying to survive the nights and days with her fathers abuse. And only to have Storm Peters follow you around
     Storm only wants to be with his mate and love her, but, only to have her push him away.

     Will Storm give up? Will Amethyst finally let Storm in? Will Storm help her and save her from the life she has? Will they accept fate as it is?

(Previous The Alphas Abused Mate)
Under construction and I wrote this in the eighth grade, so no hard comments please.

Dazzle_Bear Dazzle_Bear Apr 20
It's Nate Bateman not nick 😋 sorry it's cuz he's my lover 😍
zaniel025 zaniel025 Jun 13
are you sure this is your first book? coz like seriously I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CANT STOP READING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.... hahah plsssss update soon if you can... TY!!
blackroses- blackroses- Mar 14
if I imagine it, nick Bateman and Emily Rudd would be such a great couple in real life😍😩
LittleAussie LittleAussie Dec 16, 2015
I'm going into yo 9 next year, but I live in Aus, so my school grades are different to urs. I'm probably younger than you
Demon-Angel-Goddess Demon-Angel-Goddess Dec 13, 2015
We have so much in common. Except that I don't eat candy like skittles.  But I doe ear Kit-Kat and Crunch sometimes Hershey
Aless5853 Aless5853 Dec 11, 2015
Yay I'm a skittle! Can I be the red, purple or green one? Anyway! Can't wait thread the story! I'm already lost in never land! When you get here can you help me? Hehe! Can't wait to read this story! I love reading new stories!