Wanting Her (BDSM,Menage)

Wanting Her (BDSM,Menage)

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Mooka1 By Mooka1 Updated Jan 05, 2016

Scarlett's pov

                             I silently prowled around the shadows in my Master's club eyeing the the beautiful blonde who nervously sat at the bar sipping  a Long Island Ice Tea unaware that she had caught my eye.

Thomas the bartender was trying to make light conversation with her but she kept shying away or gave him short one word answers.

My eyes narrowed as I saw the three wicked witches ofthe west heading towards the bar directly towards her.

Thomas stopped being his usual bubbly self when he spotted them darting off to serve more costumers leaving the gorgeous girl to fend for herself.

When they surrounded her I slowly walked out of the shadows ignoring all the lustful stares from the Dominates and Dominatrixs and all the glares from they're submissives.

I walked behind the bar directly to the fridge where we kept the cold bottled water and opened it taking a sip while leaning back observing how she handled the witches without holey water.

They were saying s...

Watch_OutXP18 Watch_OutXP18 Dec 12, 2015
I'm confused on the "Mistress" part. So they were looking for a woman that was a dom to women but a sub to men??