I Love My Bully? (studxstud) Completed

I Love My Bully? (studxstud) Completed

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「Nezzy」- ॐ By omoovoxo Completed


Although Jalisa is from the middle class, she's starting to attend an elite school for the super rich high class. 

Where her life has become intertwined with the F4, the ruling studs of the new school she's enrolled into. Nobody has ever stood up to the leader Shawn, but that's about to change. Drawn in by Jalisa's bravery and short temper Shawn may be falling for Jalisa or does she simply want to torture her?

Read how this crazy love story ends up.

Message: Spoiled kids (Bullies) are like spoiled apples. Stand up and bite them back once and slowly leave them to rot. 
Nobody likes a spoiled apple. 

~ Vanessa L. ♠️

derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Oct 07, 2016
Boy you bold asf not bringing yo food with you... Watch you get to first period feelin like ass 🐸☕
TWD_fan4220 TWD_fan4220 Sep 25, 2016
Lol dick don't cure nothing with girls you can pick the dick size guys your stuck with it
Bruh I would have smashed den left...Cuz school lunch and breakfast be nasty ass hell..😷😂
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Oct 07, 2016
I use my closet as a fort boi get on my level 😏 *leans back like I'm dat bish*
lilxtyff lilxtyff Oct 29, 2016
Yo like who trynna go to his house nd beat his ass wit me? *grabs gun*
chocopowerrr chocopowerrr Aug 08, 2016
Same😭 my parents actually used to joke around cos I would be in my closet all the time.