Mortals Meet Percabeth

Mortals Meet Percabeth

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Irrelevant Writer By FangirlJackson Updated Aug 18, 2015

Lisa Jacobs 

Hi, Lisa here. Total gamer at Goode High. I have dark brown hair, and Emerald green eyes. I usually don't like talking about myself, makes me feel self-conscious. But, you're new here, and I'm really bad at introductions and I'm socially awkward, sorry. Why am I even saying sorry? You just met me. Oh, well, I'm pretty stupid like that. See? What'd I tell you about being socially awkward.

I have a cat named Tia. She's really fluffy and full of energy. You know how cats don't take walks? Well mine apparently does. Oh my gods, I'm talking about a cat, a cat. I really need therapy.

Oh, and I say 'gods' too, like my friend Percy. He has raven black hair and sea-green eyes. He's really muscular and likes to swim, a lot. I used to have this little crush on him, when he first came to Goode. 

But, when I got to know him, he was like a brother I never had, being the only child. So, we became best friends and played games together. He enjoys playing, Halo, Call of Duty, Skyrim, a...

                              *Charges with full
                               Battle Armour on and a sword *
percyjacksonawe percyjacksonawe Dec 27, 2016
The eyes made me automatically think of Demeter but I'm pretty sure she isn't a demigod
MultiFandom04 MultiFandom04 Oct 10, 2016
Friendship goals 
                              This is legit me and my friends Christian 😂
JuicyGrapes518 JuicyGrapes518 Aug 27, 2016
4: Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, Death Cure, Kill Order. 
                              You're a really good author!!
jelsalover1231 jelsalover1231 Sep 07, 2016
Sweet cheeks that's disgusting  and has no charm what so ever
mimisagemeni mimisagemeni Oct 20, 2016
Hera! Why did u posses some poor girls cat. Yeah right sorry it was tiá