The stalker(boyxboy)

The stalker(boyxboy)

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Ellie By Elliottthegreat Updated Aug 04, 2016\siko\noun-1:A psychopath 2:\Adjective\Psychopathic.

That would be a normal person's definition but mine is different /Andy/1:A psychopath/Stalker/killer/deranged/unstable.

Hello my name is Skylar Johnson and my life was normal up until the September of my sophomore year began.I had friends got good grades,hug out with said friends,played videogames you know normal stuff that sixteen year old boys do.

 That changed well most of it changed when I met Andy.

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burpmetospace burpmetospace Apr 15, 2017
Idk why but I love seeing the stalkers text them and showing their love and there just like......umm....wth??? .
AzzGem AzzGem Jan 15, 2017
Hey I'm not complaining, if sed person is hot even I would reply to an unknown number
jessjess11 jessjess11 Oct 27, 2016
this story seems pretty cool but it kinda seems like i missed something?
                              like in the next chap it doesnt say whats on his desk, it just goes straight to meeting andy? have i missed a chap?
AzzGem AzzGem Jan 15, 2017
Hey, if he's hot..... but he might murder me.... but what if he's though.....I'll take my chances
michellesibbs michellesibbs Jun 04, 2016
*moves to the Sahara desert* not today satan 
                              I'm kinda curious tho
RazorRuse RazorRuse Apr 01, 2016
Sorry wrong number. That's legit all he had to say and then block.