The Styles Playhouse

The Styles Playhouse

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a little death By stylesociety Updated Feb 06

[WARNING: This story will consist of intense, detailed sexual scenes, explicit language, and other mature themes. If you aren't comfortable with that, I suggest you to leave.]


When a troubled girl is sent to off to a boarding school, she expects to find a boring and cliche world. Though to her surprise, she finds something unordinary and out of this world. Once settling in Berkshire's School for Girls, she finds herself intertwined within secrets of the past of others' and of her own. 


"I'll show you filthy sluts what it really means to be punished."


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Teacher: Do not write on this paper!!!
                              Me: *Writes on paper*
                              Me: Gosh Why am I so bad!! You need to send me to Berkshire!!!!!
Wat the effing hell. Im creeped out but im stil reading this. Books like this are one of the factors to why I pulled myself out of the fandom
vougeless vougeless May 14
I have been looking for this book for half a year and I finally found it bless
Do we take notes on our phone, in a notebook or can we record?
prob he made another woman pregnant and she gave birth and sols found out about it.
Damn the cameramen couldnt just move the camera a little to the left like really