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Midnightwriter1204 By Midnightwriter1204 Updated Oct 03, 2017

Hidden away her whole life, Raegan doesn't know the truth. She didn't know that other Werewolves existed and she definitely didn't know that they lived in pack's. So one day after a couple of week's without seeing her mother, she doesn't expect to be taken away from the home she had lived in since she could remember. The basement, it held her life. She had never left it, she had never been allowed to but what happens when Castro is warned of the she-wolf's scent? He's the alpha of course he has to check out the unknown scent on his land. But when he arrives, he expects the tiny wolf to be a pup and not to change his world around. 

Guess what, even Werewolves are wrong.

Castro is in control of MidnightFire's pack with the help of his three beta's Gina, Levi and Ryan. Will they all help each other through the rough day's? Will their pack ever have a normal life?
Corbin want's his old packs forgiveness for a night he made the worst mistake of his entire lie.
Gina want's the pain to just go away, Ryan want's his mate to recognize him and Levi? He just want's happiness for his pack.
This book is chaptered by different point of view's which are a variety of six people.

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ShaeJinn ShaeJinn Feb 06
I'm so sorry for you.. The loss of a fur-baby is always awful.
optimistic_dreamer18 optimistic_dreamer18 Dec 30, 2016
The book hasn't even started and I'm crying 😭 I'm so sorry for your loss and he looked so adorable🤧 what did human kind do to deserve dogs?😭🤧😢
LetThereBeWine LetThereBeWine Dec 29, 2016
Kato is very handsome. I am sorry to hear about your loss. As someone completely obsessed with her fur baby my heart goes out to you. Dogs have a way of getting into you heart and breaking it when they are no longer with us. xo