Illusion (Lauren/You)

Illusion (Lauren/You)

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"I swear all I wanna do is love you. I don't want to hurt you, please believe me!" 

I shouldn't have gone to the coffee shop in a different time and order a coffee, I should've just walk in the coffee shop the usual time and ordered the usual. I would't be in this huge mess if I would've just gone by the usual like any other day.

I don't believe in love honestly, I have had really bad relationships in the past and my parents didn't make it any better when I saw my mom in the porch staring blankly at the massive tree in front of our house, believing if she stared at it for long dad was going to pop out of it, and all her prayers would be answered. 

I don't wanna know anything about love, I believe it doesn't exist, it can't exist. If love is always getting your hopes up and getting played and just waiting for the one person you thought you would always spend your entire life with then I don't want to know about it. I really don't. It sounds too painful.

And this Lauren Jauregui girl doesn't make it any different...

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Knoxiee Knoxiee Oct 18, 2017
Can we just call daddy dad cause imma be screaming daddy in bed if Lauren doesn't make a move
kisdfri0urrnjcf kisdfri0urrnjcf Nov 05, 2017
When I was 9 I used to sit at home and watch cartoons and shut not make out with people WTF
saucycanola saucycanola May 17, 2017
Also my dad will tell me I'm not gonna date until I'm 30 or I'm gonna become a nun
biforlauren1 biforlauren1 Apr 17, 2017
I wouldn't mind someone stalking me as long as it was Lauren MJ
OrgyHarmony OrgyHarmony Jan 03
This is legit the first fanfic I read where I'm not the stuttering mess but Lauren is 😂😂😂
Jace_Harry22 Jace_Harry22 Nov 11, 2017