Cold Hearts {#wattys2015}

Cold Hearts {#wattys2015}

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Neetha Sai By background21 Completed

Two hearts which have always been filled with warmth and joy for so many years of their lives.

Suddenly one heart becomes cold because of the other heart. The other heart becomes cold because of some other reasons.

Now these both have one thing in common that is coldness surrounding their hearts. 

Did they really became ice cold?
Is it just a façade to show everyone?
Is it directed in high demands only towards each other?

Could they melt each other coldness easily or would they need the help of a little angel.

Sometimes melting ice can be more difficult than we actually think……..

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Ask em juzz break the ice instead if melting is hard #lamejoke
- - Mar 14, 2015
Excited!!!! I'm sure this will be as good as your previous ones :)
Latika_ Latika_ Feb 14, 2015
Congrats for the seventh story... :)
                              And we will bear with it coz it sounds interesting.. :)
KhushbuSuthar KhushbuSuthar Jan 28, 2015
sounds tooo cold;-)but again will be interesting story by u !!!
Crazybookworm27 Crazybookworm27 Jan 25, 2015
Sounds interesting...finally got time to read..super excited to read further :)
fountain_of_life fountain_of_life Jan 23, 2015
Don't worry about it not being interesting...write your heart out! you're a great author and I'm sure when the pen meets the paper- okay when your fingers meet the keypad- magic will flow... and you will create a masterpiece :)