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The Celestial Dragon Summoner [FairyTail OC]

The Celestial Dragon Summoner [FairyTail OC]

19.2K Reads 658 Votes 9 Part Story
Koyuki By Koyuki_Sakimori Updated Oct 20, 2016

Marie Zanders. A hard headed 16 year old girl that lives in magnolia. It's always been her dream to join a guild but shyness gets the best of her every time. Her magic is unique as well and sought after of those who know of it, putting young Marie in trouble. When she's out on a walk one morning she stumbles upon another celestial mage with 10 of the zodiac keys. Impressed about the keys she gets to know they girl she just met named Lucy Heartafillia. Many adventures await this young mage, what  could happen next?

AtlanticNote AtlanticNote Nov 17, 2016
The height and weight dont match. Im 5'7" and I weigh bout 127lb
Glitches_Soul Glitches_Soul Oct 13, 2016
:(( ignnneeeeellllllsssss 
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Dec 21, 2016
í ԵհօմցհԵ Եհҽվ աҽɾҽ ɾօմղժ 17-18 
5'8 is definitely not short, I'm 5'7 and I'm taller than all of my friends
garraislove garraislove Jan 15
This child is anorexic 'couse I know for fact that I'm shorter then in I'm 13 in like 100 something pounds
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Sep 03, 2016
5'8 is tall! Not at all short! I mean maybe in comparison to some guys 6'5 it is medium height but 5'8 is Giant to a 5'3 girl like me