Tris Pedrad

Tris Pedrad

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Tris Pedrad has two brothers. Zeke, who is two years older and Uriah, her twin. Of course they both are the annoying, protective older brother type. Her mom, Hana, is a single parent. She loves all he children but always tells Tris to not listen to her brothers. She wants her daughter to be independent and brave. Her dad, Evan, died when she was little in a train accident. Ever since then Zeke always tries to be the father figure that they don't have anymore. 

Tris meets Four when she's Fourteen. Zeke brings him over after their introductions were over. Tris remembers him from the Choosing Ceremony. She instantly finds Four attractive, but he backs away from her because of her brothers. 

When Tris is finally going through initiation, Four is her instructor. It's hard for the both of them to keep the distance they had kept over the past two years. So they stop keeping distance from each other and... well it starts there. 
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Started June 21, 2015
Completed January 9, 2016
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Isnt it "flipping" someone off not "flicking" them if not can someone please explain the difference
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Am o the only one that thinks stomach is very awkward? I say tummy
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I don't know maybe the fact that he is tobais freaking eaton
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