Viking's rage

Viking's rage

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B3cca16 By B3cca16 Updated Oct 10, 2015

They came. 
They took.
They pillaged.
They killed.
They burnt.
 They left.

Taking me with them. 

Vikings destroyed my family home, they took me to unknown lands and kept me as a slave.

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or 10/12/15 american

He will cut the rope for her to be comfortable. Why is she not crying despite being captured and her family killed, house burned.
KTimogerie KTimogerie Aug 03
Getting punched in the knee would not hurt, especially for a viking.
KTimogerie KTimogerie Aug 03
I don't get it, why kill the family and keep her? What leverage would she be now?
LanaDelRey1991 LanaDelRey1991 Oct 09, 2015
Sorry about what you go through.that comment that person made wasn't necessary
Purpleshade26 Purpleshade26 Jun 16, 2015
Um..... Its okay so far but an angel?... If that barbarian had just killed my parents and burnt down my village I would definitely not say that....