Healing Hearts [ COMPLETED ]

Healing Hearts [ COMPLETED ]

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Book 2 of...

My Other Half - Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction Series


Finally becoming an official Sakamaki, Yumiko have never been happier. However, a new arc have arrive and that's where she met her new set of brothers...


Now what will happen when the family she love have all turned the odds against her?? Will the brothers still look at her the same?? and how will she set all the things right again when darkness finally starts to consume her??

This is a story of family, love and betrayal...

Don't forget!! Karlheinz, Satran and Christa will be makin an appearance as well!!

  • angst
  • ayato
  • azusa
  • christa
  • diabolik
  • drama
  • family
  • friendship
  • kanato
  • karlheinz
  • kou
  • laito
  • love
  • lovers
  • reiji
  • romance
  • ruki
  • shu
  • subaru
  • yuma
TheOtakuProxy TheOtakuProxy Dec 29, 2016
I'm so excited!  I finished the first book in about 2 days. I'm really excited for this!!
- - Jan 23, 2016
I never knew Laito was that over protective considering he is a manwhore with a gay like face and clothes (Im sorry laito fans but it is true).