SCHOOL OF EXTREMES: The Thief ( Twins BxB  )

SCHOOL OF EXTREMES: The Thief ( Twins BxB )

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Mylove Martin By xakni_allyM Completed

He always wanted what his twin brother has. Toys, gadgets, and even the love and attention of their parents. His twin was always the good son while he was always the bad one. 

Until he discovered his twin's dirty little secret and weaknes that is a boy named Vin Tarrega. A boy who is innocent, gullible, ignorant, childish and stupid.

He planned everything to destroy his twin's reputation through this boy to the point of stealing his twin's identity to make sure his plans will work.

What if one day, he realizes that he is already in love with the innocent, gullible, ignorant, childish and stupid Vin? Will he totally take over his twin's identity to keep him? Or will he  pursue his plan of destroying his brother through Vin?

The last installment for the School of Extremes Series. The Twins BoyxBoy Version with an unexpected twists of hatred, vengeance, and love.

Will you read it or let it pass?

Warning: Don't read

Elajane_35 Elajane_35 Feb 25, 2016
Kyaahhhhh!!!  😊😊😊😊 sander!!!  😊😊😍😍😍😍😍
shadowplaysbrahc shadowplaysbrahc Jan 10, 2016
Manang update ka na po pls. .:( :( :( miss ko na si Vinny at Sander :)
aris_adik aris_adik Jan 04, 2016
Kalako ko this is it hehehe still holding parin sa the thief ^^
shadowplaysbrahc shadowplaysbrahc Jan 04, 2016
😭😭😭😭😭 Maghihintay lang ako ng update. .kahit malayo pa un 😃😃
amazingkatana amazingkatana Nov 04, 2015
Bat ganun??
                              .Kala KO the bodyguard young title...kaya naguluhan ako ng k until kasi twins din cla winter at summer
erolko11 erolko11 Oct 19, 2015
@xakni_allyM  otor nice one BxB uli at ang bilis ng reads and update mo...  Hahaha babae ka po ba talaga? May future ka talaga sa writing :)