Red Eyes [boyxboy Werewolf story]

Red Eyes [boyxboy Werewolf story]

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Nyx By lostXXfantasy Updated Nov 06, 2015

Werewolf. A human that can shapeshift into a wolf. A species that has secretly existed alongside humans for centuries. The 18th birthday of a young wolf is the most important one because it is when they can finally sense their soul mate, the one that they will share their life with.

Jupiter is an omega in a vicious and cruel pack. His fate was decided the moment he was born, his small size determining his rank. Because of this cursed status, his existence was ignored. When he was a child, all he wanted was for someone to acknowledge him, even if they were shouting words of abuse. But he wasn't as needy and naive anymore. The treatment from his pack has turned the once loving and happy pup into a jaded and cold as ice wolf. 

Even with a heart that didn't understand love, Jupiter still unwillingly finds himself falling into the arms of the Alpha on his 18th birthday. Will this man ignore him just like everyone else in his life or will he be able to thaw Jupiter's frozen heart? In a brutal and distant pack, this is the story of how the ice wolf and bloodthirsty killer go against all odds to fall in love.

whateverpancake whateverpancake Apr 09, 2016
I just want to run over and cradle him and flip everyone else off
evendrae evendrae Jan 03
It really is sad. To him, his pack is his family. I'd have no idea what I'd do if my family left me completely. And at such a young age, too.
Juliustheboss Juliustheboss Oct 26, 2015
Hast thou made another? Thee is wonerous on how thou dost do this
shontay637 shontay637 Sep 29, 2015
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i almost started crying. poor baby. god how can people be so cruel.
blueroseace blueroseace May 28, 2015
;-; Jupiter;-; honey.... its ok *hugs him* 
                              but anyways please update soon I love your book!!!