Alpha Stone

Alpha Stone

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Every 10 years a royal ball is held by the Alpha King and Luna in honour of the werewolves thriving existence among the human community

The smallest packs to the largest most feared packs must attend the ball

Melanie black is the King and Queens only daughter

At just 18 years of age Melanie has lived a sheltered life and is yet to find her mate

She dreams of finding a loving sweet mate and to live her life just like a fairy tale

But what happens when Melanie's mate is the most feared alpha in the world

What happens when little Melanie attends the ball?


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Hahahaha. I never knew a socially awkward person will think so negative. Watch how embarrassing it will be for her when they start to smell her arousal. I’d be embarrassed.
Debbyanime Debbyanime Apr 13
Did anyone cringe when her wolf said "mate" bc i did. I CANT EVEN READ anymore so i went to the comment
beautyatheart12411 beautyatheart12411 Oct 15, 2016
I'm just that award girl mor less then shy but I relate girl I relate
kass_liz13 kass_liz13 Aug 01, 2016
Every single book I've read on wattpad say women for singular 
                              WOMEN IS PLURAL
HEROZER0 HEROZER0 Oct 15, 2015
i um...was reading this and then i...stopped but now i'll...start again