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Adopted By Phan

Adopted By Phan

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my name is eddie By thatboyeddie_ Completed

Dan and Phil have decided that they were going to finally admit that Phan was real. Although they didn't want to do it alone. They needed someone to be there always. So they talked about getting a pet or an Internet friend but finally settled on adopting a child. They wanted a young girl that seemed like she would spend the day on the Internet just like Dan and Phil. 

They chose to adopt a girl with a horrid past and had a small attitude with a huge dash of depression. The reason they chose her was because they wanted to make her happy and have her make them happy. 

Esmeralda or just Esme, is a thirteen year old girl that has long brown hair and wore skinny jeans and band tees most of the time and also only wore Converse. Her parents died when she was ten and her siblings died when she was eleven. No one in her family wanted to look after her so she was forced to an orphanage. She never spoke to anyone and mostly spent her days in her room.

So lets see how that all turned out.......

Well I don't think you should be worried cause half of The world ships you. Maybe even the queen xD
Probably die because of excessive amounts of fangirling/fanboying
What if that do have a kid but that are just hidden her/him/them
Um hi I'm socially awkward and am 12 almost 13 so yeah you probably want someone else so I'll leave now bye
Well I guess they aren't adopting me. Cause I'm either really girly one day then the next I'm wearing button down shirts with ties so they'd hate me😂
I read that as "she looks at me deeply and screams 'thank you'" and I'm like bïtch why are you screaming