Pick Me, Choose Me, Love me

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love me

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"Part of growing up is picking and choosing your battles." I said with quivering lips, trying to avoid his eyes, as tears started to roll down from mine. 

"And I'm not sure that you're one that I want to fight anymore." I whispered. He remained silent, his eyes blank. He didn't care. He never did. He tried, but he never succeeded. 

I shook my head softly before picking up my things, all the while feeling his eyes on me. I got to the door, opened it, and paused. I was giving him a chance to speak up. A chance to fight for me. A chance to fix this. 

But he didn't say anything. I shut the door behind me. Leaving it all behind. 

It's been two years. Kasie doesn't understand why Kayden still haunts her everywhere she goes. While on the path of opening a restaurant she's busy with the details of the grand opening. She meets a guy, gets to have a little fun, but what happens when this new guy is tied to Kayden? What happens when one night unfolds into way more than any of them can handle?

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