Nina's Second Chance at Romance

Nina's Second Chance at Romance

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Ashley ♣ By EmpressStar Updated Jul 14

Warning! This story contains adult content and themes. There's cursing as well. I suggest it be read by readers 17+

Nina had a suspicion that her husband Nicholas"Nick" of seven years was cheating on her. When she actually catches him in an un-compromising position with a family member, her suspicions are laid to rest right along with her broken heart.

As Nina tries to deal with the fact of having a philandering husband and a failed marriage, she devises a plan to get back at him. Nina plans away for her husbands demise, while becoming infatuated with Nick's best friend, Tristan. Her plan was to get back at Nick by getting close with Tristan. But as they spend time with one another, Nina finds there's un-deniable chemistry between the two of them.

Nina tries not give in to Tristan's advances which proves to be hard, when she can't get him off her mind. She has to remind herself to stick to the plan, and that's her goal. Little does she know that life has a different plan in mind.

Fantasies Fantasies Mar 21
Good thing I don't have a twin sister. Nina, beat that genetic stealing b-tch a**! Don't go easy on her too. I just can't stand cheaters. Irritates men
remabundles remabundles Aug 30
She needed to see all that ? I would've been popped off Idc , dumb and a punk 😩😂😭
Damn with sister like that who needs enemies...and it's her twin now that's low down
First time reading and this the first thing i read. ...let the drama Begin 💯