Tempted by PC and Kristen Cast

Tempted by PC and Kristen Cast

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Chapter one

Zoey POV

"What are we going to do?!" I cried, as I impatiently paced my room. I, and all of my friends, were in my room so that we had some privacy from the Pods. "We're no way near strong enough to protect ourselves, let alone an entire school! What are we gonna do if Kalona or Neferet or whoever decides to attack the school? We're going to need some help, but I don't know who from. Another House of Night, maybe?"

All of my friends looked back at me, thinking. I chewed my lip as I thought. We (Me, Stark, Darius, The Twins, Jack, Damien and Aphrodite) had recently come back from Italy, to find that the entire school were still Zombified. Or "Pods", as the Twins like to call the now brainwashed students. Aphrodite had also just had a very painful (She made sure that we definitely knew how painful!) vision, in which she saw Raven Mockers slaughtering Vampyres, and some sort of new Vampyre with red eyes (a lot like Stevie Rae when she's angry, but I try not to think of th...

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toxicbutterfly95 toxicbutterfly95 Nov 02, 2014
where are the books? I want the entire book not just the first few pages that don't even go to the book.
Superstar33 Superstar33 Jun 15, 2013
Love the house of night series so this was awesome! Please make more!!!
aishberg aishberg Feb 10, 2011
@kayla96 my account kind of died :L but the rest is on my other account that I share with my friend Rachel: