Bloody Tongues ⏃ Captain America [1]

Bloody Tongues ⏃ Captain America [1]

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Christina Sitma has been dating Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, for the past eighteen months, but what Steve Rogers doesn't know is that Christina Sitma is an undercover SHIELD agents who has been assigned to watch over him. She has a dark past, and has been forced to conceal it with lies and fallacious back stories. When Loki begun wreaking havoc in New York, the Avengers were assembled -- including Christina and Steve. The couple faces heartbreak, antagonizing pain, and loss. Can Steve and Christina survive this tragic dilemma?

[book 1 of the precious serpent series]

cover inspired by -voidallison

YvaineRoss YvaineRoss Dec 19, 2015
lol when I read that part about Coulson's trading cards, I full thought of "Don't touch Lola!" from AoS! :P
avengermoons avengermoons Nov 14, 2015
I really love it!!! I love that Candice Swanepoel is playing Christina, her and Steve are cute.
marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Jul 26, 2015
Oh my gosh this is Amazing!! I love love LOVE how you've started it out so far! Christina sounds like a very interesting character too!
marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Apr 18, 2015
Okay reading this cause it's got my name in it! And it sounds really good!