Im a neko, Heicho! (levi x eren)

Im a neko, Heicho! (levi x eren)

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kingleonidas300 By kingleonidas300 Updated Aug 29, 2015

Levi's p.o.v

 I was walking down the street, in my normal outfit, consisting of black skinny jeans and an old hoodie. 

I was walking by an alley, nearing home.

Thats when I heard the sneeze.

I normally wouldn't care, but there was just something about it. I walked toward the noise.

You see, I'm in new York. Its the middle of winter, and its literally freezing.

I finally found the boy, he was laying on the floor, he had rosy cheeks and a pale face, he was obviously terribly I'll.

He had nothing on, except a pair of underwhere.

"Oi! Sit up."

He sat up, revealing his ears.

"O-oh my god."


"Are you okay?" I said, handing him my hoodie.

He reluctantly shook his head no.

"Do you have a home?"

"N-no..." The poor neko replied.

He wasint very heavy, so I picked him up, carrying him to my small apartment. At least its warm there.

As we arrived at my home, I realized that he had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

'Poor boy'

I unlocked the door and plopped him down on my couch....

Dawn1908 Dawn1908 Jan 24
Why when I read the first line the first thing that came to mind was a song
aobaxnoizxclear aobaxnoizxclear Dec 19, 2017
Either this person doesn't speak English as there first language, they are blind, autocorrect or there another twelve year old writing a lemon 🍋
Delusiondreamer Delusiondreamer Dec 20, 2017
I'm confused on Eren's surname. Sometimes it's Jeager then sometimes it's Yeager.
willowdestaney willowdestaney Dec 29, 2017
Girl same I'm from utah it's the most bipolar state ever one hour it's raining the next it's snowing then and then 95 degrees you never know what to wear but it's so cold in the winter
GuideToInsecruity GuideToInsecruity Jun 27, 2017
Just a normal day....until you hear a sneeze, your gaydar goes off, and you find a half naked Neko.
Me when someone asks that question: ..........
                              🎶WELL IF YOU WANTED HONESTY THAT'S ALL YOU HAD TO SAY!🎶