Im a neko, Heicho! (levi x eren)

Im a neko, Heicho! (levi x eren)

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kingleonidas300 By kingleonidas300 Updated Aug 29, 2015

Levi's p.o.v

 I was walking down the street, in my normal outfit, consisting of black skinny jeans and an old hoodie. 

I was walking by an alley, nearing home.

Thats when I heard the sneeze.

I normally wouldn't care, but there was just something about it. I walked toward the noise.

You see, I'm in new York. Its the middle of winter, and its literally freezing.

I finally found the boy, he was laying on the floor, he had rosy cheeks and a pale face, he was obviously terribly I'll.

He had nothing on, except a pair of underwhere.

"Oi! Sit up."

He sat up, revealing his ears.

"O-oh my god."


"Are you okay?" I said, handing him my hoodie.

He reluctantly shook his head no.

"Do you have a home?"

"N-no..." The poor neko replied.

He wasint very heavy, so I picked him up, carrying him to my small apartment. At least its warm there.

As we arrived at my home, I realized that he had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

'Poor boy'

I unlocked the door and plopped him down on my couch....

.....Levi.....stawp being your usual self for two seconds, and get your hubby some actual clothes.
cdmac5200 cdmac5200 Aug 10
Omg I need a neko 🤣 this is one of the cutest things I have ever read
Me when i burp: *whole house rumbles and shakes* ahhhhh...cute, no?
                              My family: *traumatized*
Just a normal day....until you hear a sneeze, your gaydar goes off, and you find a half naked Neko.
Nilahzworld Nilahzworld Jul 28
I'm 13. Yeager is a disgusting alcoholic drink that tastes like licorice.
That sneeze could've came from anywhere. Levi has impeccable hearing.