The Good And The Bad ( Ciel x Reader x Alois ) Black Butler

The Good And The Bad ( Ciel x Reader x Alois ) Black Butler

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A/N: Hello! This is my first XReader! Please don't hate it! I will be pleading for your suggestions.


___, - Your Name.

(L/N)- Last Name.

(H/C)- Hair Color.

(H/L)- Hair Length

(S/T)- Skin Tone.

(E/C)- Eye Color.

(F/C)- Favorite Color.

(H/T)- Hair Type.

Chapter 1, Start!


Ciel's POV.

"Why did YOU even want to visit US?" I asked. "What's wrong with visiting?" Alois asked. "Your such a burden." I shot back. We we're walking on the streets of London without our butlers. "WELL I-" before Alois could continue, we bumped into something or should I say, someone. "Eep!" The person gasped and moan in pain. The person fell in the hard ground while, we were standing. When the person fell, I could assume that the person was a girl since I saw her, underwear. I blushed. It was (F/C).

Alois was blushing harder than me. Hence, he noticed it too. We saw the girl crying her heart out. But, it wasn't that loud. "H-hey! Stop crying! Ciel! What do we do!?" Alois panicked like crazy!...

I would been like
                              WOAH *walks away 
                              WOAH *gets in a carriage 
                              WOAH*Goes to harbor
                              WOAH *gets on ship
                              WOAH *goes to America 
                              WOAH * Lives there forever
Candy_is_Sweet_2134 Candy_is_Sweet_2134 Jul 23, 2016
I wouldn't faint I would say "I'm so sorry!" And bow to them and walk away
spamzillaground spamzillaground Jul 21, 2016
If I met them I would faint too... Right after I convinced myself I was insane
Lexy_Wexy Lexy_Wexy Jun 06, 2016
Why is my character so awkward 😂
                              *gets accidentally bumped into* crys and faints
treasonbutt419 treasonbutt419 Dec 19, 2016
I saw the title and immediately thought of The Good The Bad And The Dirty by P!ATD