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Chase Me, Dear Alpha.

Chase Me, Dear Alpha.

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Jordan By jordanthenerd Updated Feb 23

Marcel Conway is newly turned 19-year-old, and for a she-wolf, that only means one thing: The Mating Season is now open to her. If every she wolf doesn't attend, it's certain death, Marcel has no choice in the matter other than to go. Every eligible bachelor (from ages 19-27) attend this in search of their one true mate. If Marcel doesn't try to get on top, she could be chosen by an Omega, the lowest of the low.
But it doesn't matter where she stands on the scoreboards. Alphas have first pick, and the darkest and most mysterious Alpha has heard the calling in Marcel-his true blood and soul mate. Marcel will be his.
Alpha Donovan Blackmon, leader of the Shadow Moon Pack, is irresistible and powerful, yet by the thought of Marcel he is broken down to nothing. It's his sixth year in the Mating Season and he's seen a lot of desperate females, but never thought he'd find his mate. Rumours labeled him a bloodthirsty, cold-hearted Alpha, incapable of finding love.
But how can Marcel be a Alpha Female? She's always had dreams beyond being her future mates bitch, and she has knack for not being able to hold her tongue...and submission? Not an option. She doesn't want to run a pack, or have a mate, or deal with his problems or a packs problems.
But above all, Donovan has to catch the she wolf before he can break her of these things, and it all starts with mating season. And he's not the only one with his eye on Marcel...even after the games are long over.

iris54321 iris54321 Jul 24, 2016
Wait so is not like the moon lady ( forgot how they call her" choose their mates?
Learning-to-love Learning-to-love Mar 28, 2016
That's sick! How has someone not complained about this! In the book I mean, it's a great plot for a story irl
madaamhuman madaamhuman Mar 03, 2016
Loogie no slobber yeah done that with my brothers when we were kids.  🙈🙉🙊
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Mar 03, 2016
I love how you put mind reading system instead of mind-link. Mind-link is getting too overused
KyahRuiz23 KyahRuiz23 Oct 17, 2015
This is like the best description of a night sky I've ever heard
Kitsune96 Kitsune96 Sep 06, 2015
I like the idea of the book and will keep reading but I was a slightly put off by some of your turns of phrase. I know this is draft but I felt that it was slightly awkward at times. Maybe try and find an editor ? 
                              At any rate the story seems really interesting so far =)