Colour me Purple. [BoyxBoy]

Colour me Purple. [BoyxBoy]

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Fiona™ By FionaJohn Completed

Have you seen those eyes.
Those violet orbs. 
I swear it glitters...

Tom was the captain of the football Team and was lost in a world of purple after playing a game called Truth or Dare.

Who invented such game? And why was it with him? The boy at the back of the class. The boy with those strange eyes. Him.

Yale knew it wasn't going to be normal for him anymore the moment he got noticed in class by his teacher, by a random girl and the hottest boy to ever exist.

And did I tell you we kissed...

[May contain scenes with Strong language, LGBT, and Mature Content. Viewers discretion is advised.]

DenixDub DenixDub Nov 14, 2016
that's not a major case of OCD. That's a really small portion of it, but it's still OCD.
guesswhatilikebands guesswhatilikebands Mar 02, 2016
All these books start the same (not complaining just stating a fact)
Doteboo1 Doteboo1 Nov 13, 2016
The snow last winter was the most snow I ever saw. I am 5'2 and it came to a little bit above my ankles. School was cancelled :)
JeredB JeredB Jun 30, 2016
Teenage becomes paralyzed and all they can worry about is the football team. In can relate to that level of pettiness.
JeredB JeredB Jun 30, 2016
"Look at him, so beautiful."
                              "What should we name him?"
                              "Hmm, let's thing. Something sophisticated like Maxamillion, Phillip... Or Yale😐."
ASMorrow ASMorrow Mar 29, 2015
I really like the start! I'm very curious to see where it's all going to go :)