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One Direction's Little Sister [Spanking Story] **EDITING**

One Direction's Little Sister [Spanking Story] **EDITING**

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ChloeObsessed1D By ChloeObsessed1D Completed

Lottie Tomlinson was a mediocre girl living in the high streets in Central Doncaster, England. When her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson, entitled that he requires another soul to enlighten his spirits on tour, the only individual who would spring to mind was his younger sister, Lottie.

 With an offer incompetent to reject disembarks her way, she irrefutably  accepts without rationalising over the repercussions.

 However, Being only 13 years of age. . . Lottie isn't always necessarily on her finest behaviour, which may outcome in a punishment thus, a spanking. 

 Your most likely discerning, a 13 year old getting spanked? But genuinely, if it teaches Lottie wrong to right, then the boys will endure to spank her.

 Conversely, What if one effortless error changes everything? Overall, Something unpleasant and unforeseen come's into Lottie's lifestyles, which could consequently alterate her life forever. Will the boys be able to save her before it's too late, or will Lottie be stuck in her dreadful misery forever?

                  "You get depressed because you
                   now know that you're not what
                   you should be" - Marilyn Monroe

Copyright © ChloeObsessed1D

**Needs major editing, if you don't want to read absolutely awful writing, then feel free to skip straight to the sequel**

HopeCirus HopeCirus Jun 17, 2016
Well she'sz just 12 how wan she wear make up and have dates ...
millieherzzie millieherzzie Aug 26, 2016
If I comment about your extended vocabulary I am probably saying something about how close I am to being a writer myself. By the way I am very impressed with your vocabulary and how far it is stretched.
TheFangirlFairy TheFangirlFairy Dec 15, 2015
Ease off the thesaurus. Some of the words don't seem to be used correctly, and while I understood the gist of the chapter, I cringed at the grammar.
TheFangirlFairy TheFangirlFairy Dec 15, 2015
I am most definitely not an English genius, but some of the longer words have been used incorrectly.
MistaUnicorn MistaUnicorn Sep 04, 2015
Bruh…I wish I had your vocabulary. I'm part American so the writing is sort of different. Sigh…I wish I was British. Or Australian. Hahaha
anonymous2508 anonymous2508 May 26, 2015
I literally had to keep dictionary beside me... I could understand a sentence without using it :)