I Don't Know [Jeff The Killer x Reader]

I Don't Know [Jeff The Killer x Reader]

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E.N.T.I.T.Y. By TheCrimsonLetters Updated May 25, 2016

Ignorance and solitude paralyzed many people in this world--including Jeff and you. But with a little push of curiosity, they may become great moving forces.


Jeff and the other creepypastas belongs to Creepypasta or whoever created them.
You belong to yourself.

Lmao glad to see people choosing Cheshire as a name for themselves/their kids. It's neutral but from what I can tell, highly uncommon.
JoeyGraceffa025 JoeyGraceffa025 Dec 21, 2016
Cuz I have to get revenge on a person...a bully In fact... I was forgotten, Bullied, and alone....all because of HER.
imsuchagrill imsuchagrill Jul 27, 2016
but...my name isnt that common...Who's name is Ivdia? Or even fúcking Ivy??
dirk_strider dirk_strider Jun 28, 2016
Funny thing is, my name is really rare to find, so I doubt Jeff has killed that many people with my name, although, I can see it with the transgender.
Rilynn1212 Rilynn1212 Jan 08
Rilynn, is like the most non existent name on the planet. Most people can't even get my name right😂😂
JazzlynSutherland123 JazzlynSutherland123 Sep 19, 2016
A transgender one? My name is jazz... I hope that's just a coincidence