I Don't Know [Jeff The Killer x Reader]

I Don't Know [Jeff The Killer x Reader]

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E.N.T.I.T.Y. By TheCrimsonLetters Updated May 25

Ignorance and solitude paralyzed many people in this world--including Jeff and you. But with a little push of curiosity, they may become great moving forces.


Jeff and the other creepypastas belongs to Creepypasta or whoever created them.
You belong to yourself.

but...my name isnt that common...Who's name is Ivdia? Or even fúcking Ivy??
Funny thing is, my name is really rare to find, so I doubt Jeff has killed that many people with my name, although, I can see it with the transgender.
A transgender one? My name is jazz... I hope that's just a coincidence
Really? 'Cause i don't know many people with the Name 'Zarah' maybe 'Sarah' but not with 'Z' xD
My friends always tell me i'm like this and i shouldn't be so overprotective and worried over them and should care for myself :'D *giggles* but really, i think i'm different *still giggling* lol
starcat112 starcat112 Jul 16
Well I use my nickname so....I'm pretty sure he hasn't...but your the writer so I won't judge