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Whenever I Wake Up

Whenever I Wake Up

280 Reads 26 Votes 12 Part Story
This account is dead By Lunatick_Kittii Completed

18 year old Honesty Edwards was hit by a drunk driver while walking home from her special spot one day. she is now in a coma which sends her to a strange place where she reunites with her old friend Zayn Malik. She falls for him while they spend their time together, but her days start to get shorter then usually which means she was getting better. Zayn doesn't want her to leave but her Family don't want her to leave either. Now she is torn between the choice to either return to her Family and leave Zayn the man she had fallen in love with behind or stay with Zayn and leave her family, people she grew up with and loved her whole life. who will she choice?

  • love
  • lovelybones
  • onedirection
  • romance
  • zaynmalik