The broken and fragile

The broken and fragile

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the fights not over, till it's over By SamElston Updated Feb 11, 2016

"She was knocked out on the ground in the corner of the room. Laying on top of that ratty old blanket completely naked...The room was cold even for me. I'm guessing they kept it air conditioned to keep her weak. The room was quite small and damp. Her blood covered the room. Not just fresh blood from the hit to her head. A lot of it was old and dried up, but it covered everything. All of it was her blood, I'm guessing they beat her a lot...did a lot to her. It was dark in there I'm guessing she isn't very used to light. I don't know how long she was down there, it's not possible to tell unless she tells us. But whatever happened in there...from just looking at that room it most likely broke her."

Scarlet had been taken from her pack. Kidnapped at the age of 15. Spending a year and a half about in a cell in another packs territory. Being Beaten and violated for so long she's given up hope that she'll ever leave.
But what happens when Jared and his pack comes along and finally saves her from the suffering. Well you would hope it's over but it's not so easy to fix a girl whose been broken for so long.

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That number tho. 😂 lol just kidding. I love you're book by the way
NeverEatSoggyWaffle NeverEatSoggyWaffle Feb 24, 2016
isn't this how every werewolf romance novel goes? the human girl gets beaten and the alpha or soon-to-be alpha comes and saves her and she's hurt and stuff and he falls instantly in love, then she discovers she's some form of a werewolf.
celestemagix celestemagix Apr 22, 2016
Great set up so far. Can't wait to keep reading what's next. If you don't want spelling corrections, let me know. If they're helpful, once you fix the word just delete my comment that had the correction.  :)
Imf090700 Imf090700 Jun 10, 2016
God dàmn it! I was planning to go to sleep after this chapter. Sleep is overrated anyways. I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!
kbe00124 kbe00124 Feb 11, 2016
Pretty good first chapter! Could definitely use some (a lot of) editing for grammar, but otherwise I like it so far!
Cambrave17 Cambrave17 Oct 02, 2015
I'm surprised u got only 16 votes I can feel all the emotion u put into this