The 4th estate (Wattys2015Winner(get ready for updates)

The 4th estate (Wattys2015Winner(get ready for updates)

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Scribe By EkeneUgbaja Updated Oct 13, 2016

There's a thing about filth.

The one thing about filth that seems to trip us all up; that seems to get to everyone, is that it starts with a speck. However, the more that filth is ignored the filthier it will get and now it'll keep growing and growing. Now you find yourself sinking in screaming wordlessly while it baptises you, you will not get out.

Remember that.

Because there's a bad place to live and then there's hell... The 4th is hell.

I was just another one, another dragged into dance and how unlucky was I. Another unlucky soul giving you one more sob story, that's the 4th estate. A book filled with pages of pain, suffering and horror. I didn't use to be as twisted as I am now, I wasn't even this cynical. But that's the thing with the 4th, it makes you fall deeper until you don't know what's right, what's wrong. All you'll see is sin and that's an illness, it's infectious.
You'll start to enjoy it, until you're dancing with  the 4th. All alone with her in a room filled with money, blood and bodies.

I had been innocent, as innocent as possible in the 4th. But that's where we come full circle. All things have to change right? It all changed with that phone call and I watched my brother in his pain, tortured and then murdered in front of me.

There was nothing that I could do then, but now? There's a whole lot I can do now. I'm a killer in a killer suit now, and I go to war with metal in front of the teeth; an inscription of my brother's name engraved in. So that when I'm bringing justice to the men that did me wrong, they can see his name. They can see 'Obi' before they die.

I'm willing to go far.

I won't separate myself from the filth.

I will let it consume me.

Emenike (AKA Mr Grey, the Grey-Man, Grey)

The 4th Estate is a psychedelic thriller with dark undertones.

This new cover was made by @Loraxfal

Ahh the 4th is now a featured book on wattpad, I guess the times are changing. 

The 4th has won a Watty. Thank you. :)

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